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1 Hour (Shooting, Review & Retouch in real time)

In this hour long session, you will be surprised at how much we can accomplish.  You can do up to two looks. Why two looks? Different platforms call for different looks! We will custom tailor your look(s) for whatever platform you have. 

In the typical session we will take between 75-100 photos. You will be able to review the photos in real time and select 3 photos per look. You'll leave The Flash Truck with the selected photos in hand and retouched. We will airdrop the photos or email them to you before you leave so you can start using them right away! If a more in-depth re-touch is needed, it will be an additional $25/photo. 


Inquire for price tiering

The Flash Truck makes it ridiculously convenient for you to update your look. No booking out a conference room and messing up meetings or disrupting workflow in common areas - as long as there is a place for the truck to park, we are all set!

We will create a rough schedule (Google doc) with time slots that you can send out/assign. Generally, it only takes 10 minutes per person and between 25-75 photos will be taken. You can expect the photos via Dropbox within 24 hours of the shoot. Each person will have their own folder where they can choose their top 3 photos to be retouched. Retouched photos are sent within a week after chosen. Or, you prefer a different method, we can do whatever works best for you.


We will work with you prior to the event and create the look for the lighting and backdrop to best fit your brand. We can also put your provided logo/graphic over the photo as well. As people come through The Flash Truck to get their photo taken, their photo will be air-drop'd right away to their iPhones. If they do not have an iPhone, we will email them the photos right away. Prior to the person getting their photo taken, we will have them fill out a form with their name and email so we can enter that information into the metadata of the their photos. You will have access to all the images taken and the data in the days following the event.

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